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Saliva 6 Drugs Screen Test Kit

The Best Saliva Drug test Kit on  the Market!!! 

Saliva Multi Drug Test kit, 5 drugs saliva test kit
Features & Benefits
  • Sponge saturation indicator (Patent Pending)
  • Market-leading drug cutoffs - no buffer required THC 75 (parent) - BUP 5 - EDDP 20
  • 100% tamper evident with saliva held in airtight chamber for confirmation
  • Advanced oral fluid collection media (sponge)
  • Detect up to 10 drugs including alcohol
  • One drug per strip for superior accuracy and sensitivity
  • Easy access extraction ports for lab confirmation
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
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Oral fluid drug test includes the first sponge saturation indicator! No more throwing away devices due to inadequate saliva. The indicator strip in the collection swab changes color once the sponge contains enough saliva. The swab locks into the device for a tamper evident and airtight seal.

IMPORTANT: Donors should not place anything (including food, drink, gum or tobacco products) in their mouth for at least 10 minutes prior to the procedure. DO NOT BITE, SUCH OR CHEW ON THE SPONGE! Refrain from talking while collection swab is in the mouth.


Saliva is an oral fluid that has been described as an "ultra-filtrate of plasma". Saliva has recently been well established as a drug diagnostic tool in detecting many of the molecules that are found in plasma, and at levels equivalent to those found in blood. Therefore, by saliva drug testing, one can obtain similar information on the status of a person as one can obtain from whole blood, without the need to collect a specimen invasively. Saliva had long been regarded as one of the prodigal children of biological specimens. However, for the past two decades, there has been a steadily increasing interest in the use of saliva in pharmacokinetic studies of drugs in general and in therapeutic drug monitoring in a variety of clinical situations. In more recent years this interest has extended to the measurement of drugs of abuse and alcohol in saliva. The advantages of saliva as the specimen of choice have been identified by psychiatrists studying methadone treatment, investigators involved in therapy for HIV-infected patients and in anticonvulsant treatment for epileptics, and by laboratory directors involved in drug abuse monitoring. Among the advantages cited are the following:
1. Patients are spared the discomfort of repeated vein punctures
2. No risk of anemia, infection, or thrombosis
3. No special staff training for collection, lower total costs
4. Repeated monitoring of drug levels leads to more accurate prescriptions and fewer side effects.


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