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Who Should Consider Drug Testing At Workplace? 

Any organization with employees under the age of 40 should think seriously about testing its personnel for drug abuse. For the past 20 year millions of Americans who began taking illicit drugs as teenagers have continued their habits as they have entered the work force. There is growing evidence that the use of illegal drugs now rivals alcoholism in its devastating effects on workplace safety, performance, and morale.

Many Americans have concluded that drug testing programs play an important and even essential role in the workplace. In one survey, 78 percent of those inter­viewed said they supported mandatory drug testing in selected industries, such as transportation and construction. Another 69 percent favored random drug testing in all companies, and 62 percent supported mandatory drug testing for all employees. Supporters of drug testing offer five reasons they support such programs:

1- drug test­ing reduces workplace accidents;

2 - it increases productivity;

3 - it improves corporate morale;

4 - it reduces drug use in society;

5 - it supports the goal of a drug-free nation.

Drug Testing in the workplace

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