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 Many drugs are valuable because of their medical benefits. Morphine, for example, is one of the most powerful painkillers known to science. People in advanced stages of some forms of cancer depend on morphine to obtain relief from their most serious episodes of pain. When used properly, morphine is a great benefit to the medical profession and to people who are ill.

But morphine can also be used improperly; it can be abused. An unfortunate side effect of morphine use is that one can become addicted to the drug. Addiction means that a person experiences an intense craving for a substance and feels unable to live without continued use of the drug. People who take morphine as a way of reducing pain may become addicted to the drug. They might continue to take the drug even after all pain has disappeared.

The "drug problem" with which Americans are concerned, then, really has two parts. One part involves the misuse of legal and potentially valuable drugs, such as codeine and morphine. The second part involves the use of illegal drugs with no medical value, such as LSD and heroin.

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